I’m thrilled to offer you the new video series – Music Makin Mondays! Every Monday I will give you a new video all about making music. I’ll be answering questions from readers, introducing books I’ve read, and showing off snazzy little music-making techniques in the upcoming weeks.

Let me just say . . . I had to think long and hard about doing this. Putting something down as a regular thing in the ol’ calendar is a bit of a struggle for this spinning-dozens-of-plates, 5 million-ideas-a-minute, look-something-shiny kinda gal.

But if there is ONE thing I am committed to, it’s finding fun, unique ways to help you thrive. Let me know what you think of the first video of the series!

Today I’m giving a quick review of Diane Austin’s book Vocal Psychotherapy. It’s a must-read for anyone who uses the voice in therapy. Ummmm, that would probably be most of you reading this 😉

Click play to watch the video!

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You can purchase Vocal Psychotherapy from Amazon here.

Now, let’s hear about YOUR experiences in using the voice! Leave a comment below that describes a time you used the voice for healing or therapy.

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