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A couple of weekends ago, I drummed with Christine Stevens for a showing of Discover the Gift. One line in the movie struck me. One of the co-creators Demian Lichtenstein mentioned that we can go weeks without food, we can go days without water. But we can only survive moments without breath… a very rhythmic process.

We also can’t go very long without a heartbeat.

Even if we’re paralyzed, something in us is moving when we’re alive.

Then I started thinking about all the simplest life processes that are naturally rhythmic. I know there’s more, and I’m certainly not the first to bring up the topic. But here are some starters:

Body rhythm

1. You breathe.
2. You move.
3. Your thoughts enter and exit the mind.
4. You extend and contract.
5. You have an ebb and flow of emotions.
6. You have a heartbeat.
7. You blink your eyes.
8. You walk.

In the comments, I’d love for you to write more of these Life Rhythm Indicators. Got some more?

I know I am rhythm because I ______________________.

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