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Jim Greiner, Rhythm Renegade

I'm honored to introduce to you Jim Greiner, corporate team-builder and drummer extraordinaire. Jim is changing the world by encouraging others to keep that calm, inner pulse while the digital age flies by. Please read more about Jim's work and purchase his community...

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TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process

TaKeTiNa. Yes. You *have* to try it. I'm still reverberating from it. I went this weekend to Alameda, California for the third-year student training of TaKeTiNa. John Fitzgerald of Remo generously offered to drive. I'm so grateful. Arturo Carrillo, a conguero,...

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How do you stay healthy around toddlers?

If you've never seen Imagine, and you work in early childhood, then you are missing out! This awesome first-of-its-kind magazine is designed to serve music therapists who work with little ones. It's so fun to turn the digital pages and roll the mouse around to read...

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VIDEO: Drum Tunnels and Gong Strikes, Painted Blue

The major power-outage in Southern California yesterday disrupted my blogging, but we're back now! It was nice to see people out and about on the streets, socializing, cooking BBQ, and relaxing with no TV or internet to glow on our faces. Congratulations to kids with...

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All the Languages We Speak

I get tickled when people say “I’m switching hats for this project” or “I’m putting on my business hat for this one!” Right away I envision a hat rack in motion, turning on a lazy Susan, displaying a derby, beret, turban, top hat, baseball cap, and fez. Each hat would...

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8 Undoubtable Ways To Know That You Are Rhythm

**Special Note: Class starts on Monday! We're down to the wire with enrollment at Online ZEN. Come on over-- I'm guaranteeing tons of fun while learning valuable info. ( http://www.musictherapyed.com/kat-fulton-experts-zen/) A couple of weekends ago, I drummed with...

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Come slap yourself silly!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Danny "SlapJazz" Barber in San Diego. He's a phenomenal body percussionist and jaw harpist. He's played with dozens of recordings artists... including Ziggy Marley! He's a genuine, nice guy, who feels like a close friend after only a...

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What does a corporate drumming event look like?

First, make sure to check out my newest project: Online ZEN. You'll dig it. Now for the team builder: Here's how it all went down. Logistics. Drums and small percussions for 60 engineers are ready to go, already in the seats. Instruments included 13 larger drums...

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This Boomwhacker Video Is Brought To You By The Key Of C.

You have no idea how long I've been waiting to share this video and complimentary arrangement with you. Seems like for-EVER. Here's a link to the brand new website, never seen before: http://www.musictherapyed.com/kat-fulton-experts-zen/ It has arrived. The video. The...

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A Special Announcement And A Few Of My Favorite Things

I have such exciting news! More on that later, but for now, do you ever feel fully supported by your friends, family, and colleagues? I have been just that lucky recently! Right now I'm feeling like there is an answer to every question, and a solution to every...

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Ever heard of music for the Deaf?

This week's Rhythm Renegade is Natasha Thomas, board-certified music therapist extraordinaire, who works at a school for the deaf. She blogs regularly about her experiences at Music Moves. I have been especially "moved" by her blog because it brings light to a very...

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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Keith Terry, Body Musician

This week’s Rhythm Renegade is the amazing body musician and founder of the International Body Music Festival: Keith Terry of Crosspulse. Keith is a 2008 Guggenheim Fellow, winner of numerous international awards and grants, producer of several performance and...

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What Do Older Adults Really Want?

In the psychology courses I took while studying to be a music therapist, I inadvertently skipped over the chapters on Disengagement, Activity, and Continuity Theories of Aging. I had no idea they existed until just recently. Disengagement Theory struck me the most....

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Do You Think I Can Break On Through?

...to the other side ♪♫ Break on through to the other side~ Here I am this morning, drinking a little latte from Peet's Coffee (my favorite), realizing how much I miss blogging. I have been quite busy, even though the blog doesn't show it. Let's just say, I have a lot...

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Group Percussion for Kids: BRAINSTORM

A couple months ago, I had the pleasure of brainstorming ideas for a special culture & arts event for a school with 450 elementary school kids. My brainstorming companion was Leslie Gereghty of the Recreational Music Center in San Diego. The camp would be a week...

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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Megan and Kim of Mundana Music Therapy

This week's Rhythm Renegades are the dynamic duo behind Mundana Music Therapy: Megan Resig and Kim Thompson, board-certified music therapists! They talk about all the people with whom they work, their typical day, how collaboration works for them, and their SPECIAL...

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VIDEO: Meghan Callaghan, Rhythm Renegade

This week's Rhythm Renegade is the multi-talented, beautiful Meghan Callaghan, board-certified music therapist. She's a rebel with a cause: to change the world with rhythm! Meghan talks about living in the woods and being an awesome music therapist. If you need some...

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Memory Validation Versus Reality Orientation

My friend Brent Rosenbaum, a conflict resolution expert, made an appearance yesterday on a Ventura-based podcast. When I was listening, I noticed that Viki Kind was also a guest on the podcast! The crazy coincidence is that two months ago, when I was wandering around...

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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Mark Powers, Rhythm Renegade

Welcome to the first edition of RHYTHM RENEGADES! Today, our special guest is Mark Powers of Powers Percussion and The Donating Drummer. We talk about skydiving, drumming with kids, online/offline balance, blogging, hiring help, and living life to the fullest. Check...

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Rhythm Renegades!

I've been bouncing off the walls about this idea for a week and a half now, and I'm so relieved I can finally tell you. Here's the plan. I've already conducted a few interviews, and I've got a stellar line up: a professional jaw harpist, music therapists, drum circle...

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Extra Extra! Music Therapy in the WSJ!

Last week, the Wall Street Journal contacted me about a phone interview for an article on music and dementia. I was pretty floored, excited, happy, nervous, and more. The American Music Therapy Association was the first point of reference, and I highly...

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Your client’s health declines: 3 action items.

Occasionally in my work with private clients and older adults, I'll experience a phase when it seems like everyone is "declining." At least, that's what they call it. After all, it is a common understanding that dementia is a degenerative disease. How could anyone...

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Many Paths Lead Us Home: Here’s Mine.

I love hitting two birds with one stone! With permission, I'm copying an email exchange with Sarah Bishop, a piano performance major (like I was!) at Point Loma Nazarene University. These interview questions are geared towards professionals in potential careers. 1....

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