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So You Wanna Be A Drum Circle Facilitator…?

I got a letter from Julie, a music therapy student, asking about facilitating drum circles. Click play below to hear my 6 action steps to get on the fast track to become an effective drum circle facilitator. (The first 3 you can start doing right NOW.) You can find...

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May the luck o the Irish be with you.

Here's a sweet addition to your drum circle experiences: The Irish Penny Whistle. I've had that little beauty for a few years, and I'm so glad that I was able to find fifteen hundred pennies to get it. (It used to cost just one penny, back in the day.) Click play to...

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Are you looking to hire?

If you are growing your music therapy business fast, you might be in the market to hire some help. I've been through the process a few times, and there are tons of resources for you to tap into. In the video below, I share 4 tips for hiring. Click play to hear them...

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Wanna Learn A Cool Tambourine Trick?

A few years ago, I attended a workshop by Layne Redmond. It was so insightful and informative. Layne is a master of ritual. The opening, learning, exchanging, and closing were all very natural and beautifully laid out for us. At that workshop, I learned a slick little...

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Training Review: Health Rhythms

If I met you at Health Rhythms, and you're wondering about my Drumify DVD for drumming with older adults, I have only FIVE of those puppies left before the new release over the summer! If you want a copy, then fill out the Contact Form with your shipping address. I'll...

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Substitute for the Cow Bell?

You decide whether this Vietnamese instrument can stand up to a cow bell! Watch the video below to hear the instrument and watch how you can use it to interact with nature. Ok, maybe I was exaggerating about the squirrels... See for yourself. Click play! By the way,...

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Do YOU ever drum with older adults?

Hey hey! Today is the LAST day to sign up for Online Zennn, by the way. Don't miss your opportunity to learn how to sell products and music online, land in Google search results, and share your brilliant ideas with the world. Here's the link to become a Zennn Master:...

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Listen to the Zennn :: Clarity Conference Call

Howdy partners! We're roundin' up all the little dogies to take Online Zennn. The last day for enrollment is Monday, but you can get a head start by signing up now. Would you like to sell products online? Would you like for people to find you on Google? Would you like...

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Michael Franti on Boomwhackers®

Never before seen on YouTube OR Rhythm For Good.... Michael Franti on Boomwhackers®! If you missed the first go-around of Online Zennn, then you probably missed this sah-weet video of Michael Franti on Boomwhackers. I had only published this video on the special Zennn...

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Paying Homage to Music Therapy

Today I pay homage to my beloved field of music therapy. I'm so grateful for finding this field that allows me to be a musician, healer, people-person, full-on expressionist, business owner, and all-out renegade. I had no idea I would end up *here* a few years ago. If...

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Book Review: Vocal Psychotherapy by Diane Austin

I'm thrilled to offer you the new video series - Music Makin Mondays! Every Monday I will give you a new video all about making music. I'll be answering questions from readers, introducing books I've read, and showing off snazzy little music-making techniques in the...

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Counting the 2011 Blessings…

...before counting down to 2012! What a year. I have so many blessings to count and so many people to thank who have been here along my journey in 2011. Last year, I set the intention for ease and kindness in 2011, and boy did that manifest into some wonderfully rich...

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[Drum roll, please] Your winners are….

Holy cannoli. It was killing me to have to pick ONE winner for the gong. Killing me. You are all simply amazing. I believe in all of you. I believe in the power of your dreams, wishes, and prayers. You are fully supported by me and the entire rest of the world. Fully...

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VIDEO: My Holiday Gift For YOU!

If you've been following me for a while, then you know that I want you to be well, feel good, and make music. In addition, I would like for you to be insanely successful and happy in life. So, while you go about roaming the earth spreading the good word of making...

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5 Bold Statements I Bring To You From Atlanta

Now that I'm coming up for a little air from the AMTA conference in Atlanta, I'd like to share with you a few bold statements: 1. Twitter is more powerful than your rolled eyes can handle. The only reason Ben Folds learned about music therapy and attended our...

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I’m a mad producer, and I want you to be one too.

I returned last week from the American Music Therapy Conference in Atlanta. I briefly sat on a social media panel. I had to leave early for a meeting. This post fills up what I forgot to mention in my 5 minute spiel at the beginning. Thanks to Kimberly Sena Moore,...

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Your AMTA Handouts + An Announcement At AMTA

AMTA is right around the corner. I am thrilled and blessed to be able to participate this year. I was telling Jessy Rushing yesterday that last year was my first year ever giving a solo presentation. I still feel like such a rookie at this. [So nervous in a good way!]...

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3 Easy Phrases For The Rhythmically Reluctant

I've got some special announcements at the bottom, but first I'd like to give you 3 little tidbits that you can implement into practice immediately! Oftentimes people are reluctant to make rhythm. Shyness, fear, or inhibitions get in the way of free expression. This...

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VIDEO: A Chant For You!

Hello! Today I'm sharing a chant from Ghana. This is one of my favorites. It makes you want to get up and dance. You can hear Sweet Honey in the Rock sing it here. They make it sound so beautiful! Tuwe tuwe, barima tuwe tuwe Tuwe tuwe, barima tuwe tuwe Abofra ba ama...

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Learn one new drum circle facilitation trick here.

I'm honored to introduce to you Louis-Daniel Joly from Canada. He is an amazing facilitator with lots of wisdom to pass on. You will learn Louis-Daniel's: 2:00 Very special reason for his work 4:40 Mentors along the way 6:50 Typical day 8:50 *Signature* drum circle...

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6 Key Questions To Ask Your Clients

Last month I wrapped up the first Online ZEN course, and I have only now begun to realize how pertinent program evaluation procedures are. Of course, I've sent out surveys to my regular clients before. But after reading the Online ZEN evals, I'm convinced that I need...

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Boomwhackers® Unleashed Party

I'm doing something a little... crazy. I'm throwing a party next week. But not just any party. A Boomwhacker® party. It happened already with 87 party-goers, and it was awesome! Type in your name & email and hit 'Submit' to watch the recording and get some MAD...

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SkypeDrum with the University of Louisville

I just wrapped up an early-morning SkypeDrum session with the music therapy students at the University of Louisville. It started at 7AM for me in San Diego, and 10AM for them in Louisville, KY. **Special thanks to Professor Darcy Walworth and her assistant Ashley for...

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