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What Might Be Missing From Your Heart-Based Business

Here's a common concern: If we put too much of our heads in, then we lose the heart, soul, and magic of it all. So, we lose our heads instead. 😉 I'm determined to debunk that idea. The TRUTH is that the more magic appears, the more impactful science becomes. The more...

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How To Take A Hit Like A Drum

"The most passionate people take hits the hardest..." If you're in the world of music, healthcare, healing, then most likely you are extremely "passionate" =) Barbara Corcoran talks about being passionate, caring, and taking hits in this video: I love a good drum. I...

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Was blind, but now I see – A True Miracle!

If you're a music therapist, the you know the song TOO WELL!!! Amazing Grace. It's only the most popular, most requested, most touching song for many of our clients. In this case, it actually came true for my Aunt Fran - "...was blind, but now I see!" 5 people in my...

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Do I need a website to build a business?

A lot of my coaching clients get stuck on the tech-aspect of creating a business. After all, this is the day of DIGITAL. Chances are, the first place people go to find you is Google. Smart phones have changed the world - Apps, social, techie, searchable,...

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Creating Rhythm in the Smart Age

Guest Post by Jordan Goodman, MS There's an early scene in the movie "Her," depicting a probable reality of the not-so-distant future. Theodore (played by Joaquin Phoenix) is riding the subway, communicating only with his empathic "smart" device. And so is everyone...

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3 Fear-Confronting Truths I’ve Learned

To the left is Dr. Wendy Magee sharing her expertise on technology and clinical practice in music therapy! Check out her new book at Amazon here. Today I was honored to speak at the Online Conference for Music Therapy. It was a ton of fun - I love presenting, and I...

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8 Great Marketing Books + True Kat Confessions

In 2003 - 2004, I went through a really difficult time. I was in south France teaching at an English immersion camp called American Village. Best. Job. Ever. During one of our off-weekends, a friend and I visited Nice. That's when I put my bag (mon sac) on the ground...

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5 Celebrations!

I have updates! =) First of all, today was *amazing* and yesterday was just as sweet. So was the day before. Who am I kidding. I'm feeling very blessed. Life is good. (1) Here's what happened in my little Twitterverse today: That's Ben Folds' dirty thumb holding my...

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How Cyber-Stalking Music Therapists Can Help You.

Are there really any music therapy jobs out there? Is it worth it to go through the expense of school, only to find out that you can't make a decent living in this career? A Rhythm For Good reader writes in asking whether she should even consider music therapy as a...

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Expect the unexpected!

Hey there you AMAZING Rhythm For Good reader - You Rhythm RENEGADE - You Rhythm MASTER - and Rhythm Friend, So, check this out. A year ago, I had no idea that this new sweet website full of crazy amazing music therapy continuing education opportunities would basically...

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What Is Muse Therapy? er, I mean Music Therapy?

I saw a video yesterday for which I simply HAD to create a response. This audio recording is the response to The George Center's video explaining "What Is Music Therapy?" (See it below.) Here are my lyrics: I would like to tell you about my job. Yes, it's real job You...

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8 Ways To Give Burnout The Big KO

[KO means Knock Out] =) We just finished the Music Therapy Burnout Prevention bonus calls over at MusicTherapyEd.com, and I'm on fire with this topic! Plus, I've received NUMEROUS emails from music therapists asking about burnout. I just have to write on this topic....

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My Vision

Someone called me a visionary the other day. I was smiling ear-to-ear. I love hearing words spoken of me about that which I aspire to be! Here is my vision... Expanding Music Therapy: I see more music therapists and our sister professionals standing in our power,...

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More Bold Statements From AMTA12

[If you are looking for conference handouts, scroll down.] Last year I made some bold statements after the American Music Therapy Association's national conference in Atlanta. #3 was especially important from last year. This year I have 2 more bold statements. 1. You...

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We’re giving away >$2,000 in prizes! Holy guacamole.

I had no idea it was this much until I added everything up Sunday night... We're giving away more than $2,000 in prizes this week at Music Therapy Ed (Go enter your name and email over there.) Two contests and TONS of free prizes. We're doing one virtual contest for...

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My Review Of The BoomTote!

Aloha! Today I'm sharing a video review of my favorite Boomwhacker accessory - the BoomTote! My friend Michelle Erfurt created the BoomTote to help people like us carry around those awkward-shaped Boomwhackers =) Click play to see my 3 most favorite features of the...

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How Do You Pace Yourself And Avoid Exhaustion?

Wow. What a Labor Day weekend! We saw a sand sculpture contest, we had wine by the bay, we sang songs around a beach fire pit, we played beach volleyball in preparation for a tourney, we ate delicious sushi. I hope you have had an awesome holiday as well! I'm so...

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Major Changes Are A-Brewin’!

It's Music Making Monday. I'm giving you the latest. I wish I had time to write it all down right now, but just trust me when I say that it's coming. And it's coming soon. Major changes are coming to my San Diego -based business. Major changes are coming to...

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Have You Found Your Sweet Spot?

It's been an awesome summer for me so far. I feel so lucky to live in San Diego, aka Paradise. I don't feel like traveling much because everything I want, everything I need is right here. SUPER lucky! What's been on my mind lately is living life in the sweet spot. For...

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Not your average Music Makin Monday

This post is not about making music. It's not about making anything. It's not about doing anything. It's not about taking any actions. It's not about hard work, sacrifice, diligence, drive, ambition, motivation, productivity, or efficiency. I'm erasing those words...

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