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Why does music work: Brain research

We know about physiological and behavioral effects of music therapy from research published in nursing journals and music therapy journals. I have listed some effects on infants in a NICU. Furthermore, we know of research pertaining to cognition, speech &...

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Community and Collaboration for Haiti

Drumming Up HOPE for Haiti in San Diego was a huge success in bringing the community together, raising energy and money for the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund. Together we raised $850. Special thanks to  Christine Stevens, Frank Lazarro, and  Sundiata Kata for...

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45 Hospitals with NICU Music Therapy or Supportive Music

You can watch and read a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Music Therapy overview  here. Now, find the closest hospital to YOU that offers NICU Music Therapy services. The following hospitals use music therapy in the neonatal intensive care unit. Hospitals outside...

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The Rhythm of Life

In today’s blog, I’m sharing Pulsing to the Rhythm of Life written by Buffy Owens, a Somatic Movement Educator and Life Coach based in San Diego, CA. Her vision is to create a space where the creative spirit can thrive, internal exploration of...

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VIDEO: Make Music with Older Adults

These are probably the easiest rhythm exercises in the world! I've got two quick, easy, familiar rhythms to get you drumming, regardless of musical ability. Remember, there's no wrong way to play! Resources ~ Answer these 10 Powerful Questions to Assess...

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Drumming Up HOPE for Haiti

Please read Davida Price’s article on  Playing for Haiti, and come attend our event on Thursday, February 11 at 8PM at the World Beat Cultural Center at 2100 Park Blvd, San Diego 619-230-1190 Collaborators on this project include  Christine...

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Drum for your wellness.

I use this exercise with many groups. I encourage you to integrate music into your self-care routine. Every morning, I invite you to brush your teeth, wash your face,  create your own relaxation drum beat to play with, and actively engage in this...

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Just for music therapists – Take 10 to Make 10

I am the membership committee representative for the Western Region on the American Music Therapy Association because I am very passionate about supporting AMTA. I dedicate this post to our national association, the AMTA. Here are my personal reasons...

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No worries, no hurries, and no wrong notes

I gave a presentation earlier this week for the Senior Resources Association of North County on the benefits of music therapy, interacting with older adults through music, and caring for the caregiver with music. ALL THREE topics covered in 30 minutes....

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We Got the Beat!

I’m very excited to be on the team of instructors at San Dieguito Adult School for a class in February! This class is open to the public, so gather all your friends and come drum with us! The description of the We Got the Beat! Group Drumming Class...

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La Costa Glen drums for Glenbrook

I do not know of a holiday moment as special as seeing drummers from an independent living retirement community perform for a skilled nursing group. This was all made possible thanks to the La Costa Glen drumming class! We had been looking for the perfect...

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A Rhythm Ritual for the New Year

It might have been the celebration to surpass all other celebrations when we rang in the New Year with a GONG at my New Year's Eve party. Today surprised me however, we celebrated New Years in a deep, meaningful way at La Costa Glen, an independent living retirement...

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Qualcomm DRUMS

They say that team-building was the ropes course in the 80s, office foosball in the 90s, and now drum circles for the new millennium and beyond! And really, it makes perfect sense because drumming is accessible no matter the level of physical fitness,...

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NICU Music Therapy Overview

Video, An Overview of NICU Music Therapy Visit the National Institute for Infant and Child Medical Music Therapy to learn more. With the NICU MT specialized training, board-certified music therapists assess, develop and implement a treatment plan,...

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