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Essential Oils For Grief

💦 Here’s how I used imagery, affirmations, essential oils, music and pets to be well, and tend to my mental health the week after my mom died. Preface-this was not smooth or perfect: 🌺 I doused myself in Valor to burst open my confidence in playing the organ for my...

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Let’s Do Vocal Health Together!

Vocal health is so important - especially for us therapists, educators, and facilitators. Can you imagine walking in front of a group without a voice? Have you ever tried it? I have! It's not easy. Ten years ago, I learned such a hard lesson about my voice that I even...

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The Legend Of Thieves

This morning on Instagram, I shared the Legend of Thieves in my story. Why do I drum? Because I love connecting with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. And I've witnessed the power! There was the time Betty, the dancer, came back from recovering from a stroke. She wasn't...

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How To Facilitate A Wellness Gathering

Since leaving my clinical practice, I've had so much more space for wellness work. Nurses retreats, wellness retreats, entrepreneurs retreats, casual wellness gatherings, public workshops --- This is my jam! And I'm loving every second. Here's a photo of me and Erica...

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12 Year #LifeGoals

I wrote this out on paper five years before I met my husband! It’s one of many #lifegoals I dropped into a box 12 years ago. I have held onto this box on purpose. I always knew that I would open it one day and self reflect.   Some goals I nailed like this one!...

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Turning Deep Anxiety Into Deep Trust

I am whole. I am pure. I am love. This is the mantra that came to me while I chopping, slicing, dicing, and tossing up some delicious salads for Thanksgiving this morning. But, the *first* thoughts running through my head as I turned my body quickly from the fridge to...

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What you can do in times of tragedy

Just like drumming and other healing arts, essential oils can be very powerful during times of crisis and tragedy. We use drumming to create ritual. And we can use essential oils to do the same. In light of the tragedy that took place in Las Vegas, I'd love to share...

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Why I Left My Practice After 11 Years

Three years ago I had a riveting conversation with my business mentor at the time. This is a person not in our community, and I've never even mentioned this person's name publicly. I said "My online business is really taking off! Kinda makes me want to go online 100%...

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What Got Me Through The Worst Emotional Trauma Of My Life

During the spring of 2016 through the fall, there were some heavy, traumatic events that happened in my life. It wasn't just one event, and it wasn't only business or only personal. It was one event on top of another, on top of another, and a few more beyond that....

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37 Ways I’ve Changed My Lifestyle In 6 Months

If you've read my story, then you know I've been through a lot in the past year. I'm a big believer in setting yourself up for ease, success, wellness, and good health . . . and it takes some trials, tribulations, and failed experiments to get there sometimes. I've...

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Scope of Practice, Ethics, & Essential Oils

The question "Is essential oils usage in our Scope of Practice?" has been discussed in a couple Facebook groups pretty thoroughly. Here's my take: Is reading, writing, and arithmetic covered in our Scope of Practice? Is the use of Augmentative and Alternative...

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The Magical Wonder of Sophie’s Place

You need to check out my HuffPo article to enjoy ALL the images of the magic and wonder of Sophie's Place. I flew up to Sacramento a couple weeks ago to meet colleagues and take a tour of the space. The place is a kid's dream come true. "Sophie’s Place includes a...

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Music Therapy Mini Case Study

I just published an article with the Huffington Post, featuring one of my great colleagues and her work with an awesome kid named Jonah. I love my work - Can you tell? But this article is especially cool because I get to rave about Mary Altom. In fact, my team...

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Ever experience career shaming? This helps!

I recently wrote an article over at SheKnows.com about The View, the #NursesUnite movement, and how career shaming isn't anything new. In case you missed it, the incredible #NursesUnite movement has effectively served to advocate and educate the public about the...

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What Marketing Can You Do From Home?

As a traveling music therapist who used to clock 600+ miles per week on the road, marketing from home sounds soooooo lovely, relaxing, and [BONUS] productive! If the internet was this awesome in 2005 when I opened up shop, I would've thrown money at Facebook, Google,...

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Challenges in Taking Time Off

I recently hired Dawn, our Project Coordinator. She's the glue that sticks us all together. She has 18 years experience helping business owners chill out, basically =) This was my message after sending a flurry of email double-checks this morning: I took July '14 off,...

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Music Therapists, What’s your next business cadence?

I'm always thinking ahead. I mentioned in my last blog post that ACTIVATOR is one of my strengths. Another strength I have is FUTURISTIC. Here's how I plan: I look 10 years ahead and answer these questions: How do I want to spend my days throughout the year? What kind...

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The shortest path between A and B

We close shop on MONDAY! Don't miss your chance to join us for the 90 Day Activator =) In life, it all comes down to connecting our day-to-day tasks (Point A) to our higher purpose (Point B) right? How can we turn... >> Washing dishes into a meditation, the practice...

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The 10% Rule + A Great Echo CHANT

In the webinar last week when I demonstrated my free rate-setting calculator, a participant shared that a contract of 24 years was going to be discontinued. The contract offered this participant 30 hours of work per week. Although I didn't have time to address the...

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6 Things Music Therapists Need To Stop Doing In 2015

Music is the silence between the notes. Claude Debussy It's almost WEBINAR TIME! I'll be announcing a very cool new program in 2015! I haven't been this excited about helping business owners in a lonnnnng time. Hope to see ya there =) I ripped the title of this blog...

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100-year anniversary of the Christmas Truce

My husband Matt loves history, and I love music, so here we are doing what we love! Sharing this beautiful story, and singing a song for you =) Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Here's a copy of the poem: A Carol from Flanders by Frederick Niven (1878-1944) In...

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Business doesn’t have to be so grueling

Here's the video that I made with my family... which led to an adventure in blogging... which led to a self-produced DVD... which led to a single video course I taught... which led to Music Therapy Ed (serving courses to 2,000 people and counting)... which led to my...

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