If you’re a music therapist, the you know the song TOO WELL!!! Amazing Grace. It’s only the most popular, most requested, most touching song for many of our clients. In this case, it actually came true for my Aunt Fran – “…was blind, but now I see!”

5 people in my family have a condition called retinitis pigmentosa. You learn about your diagnosis between ages 18 and 22 because you can no longer see stars. You become “night-blind.” Then peripheral vision starts closing in, and you get blind spots.

So, if you have a little kid running around the house, it’s easy to step on him! Or … going to late-night bars, concerts, and dinners turns into more of an auditory, bumper-car experience. You have to hang on to people’s elbows to know when you’re coming close to stairs.

It certainly has an effect on activities of daily living.

Here’s the great news:

My Aunt Fran has been visually impaired for 40 years, completely blind for the past 10… She recently went through a new experimental procedure, and now she can see. Check the video – It’s INCREDIBLE!

We’d love to get the word out, so please share this with your friends. Also, please donate to the Foundation Fighting Blindness to support research efforts like the one for Aunt Fran!

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