I am whole. I am pure. I am love.

This is the mantra that came to me while I chopping, slicing, dicing, and tossing up some delicious salads for Thanksgiving this morning. But, the *first* thoughts running through my head as I turned my body quickly from the fridge to the counter to the stove to the floor were… “How did all these veggie pieces get on the floor? Since our kitchen isn’t as big as I want it to be… Maybe Matt could come over and help me instead of watching his westerns on Thanksgiving Day, then… Seems like we never spend time together on holidays… If we had kids holidays would be so much more fun…”


(Salads above are Caesar with homemade dressing, Peace & Calming ;), Crunchy Garbanzo with a kick, and Salsa Dressing over Kale.)

The thoughts went around in circles almost making me dizzy. As a result, my chest became tight. And then my breathing became shallow as I kept chopping with the sharp knife. My thoughts ran circles in my mind, uncontrollably until… Finally, I stopped right in the middle of the kitchen and made an agreement with myself. If I had continued moving forward with this current mindset, I would slice my finger off on accident! Or worse… Maybe I would have a crappy day and blame it on everybody else.

The commitment I made with myself might’ve made me LATE to dinner today. But I didn’t care. It was important that I fill my head with all the things I AM. Therefore, I walked over to the apothecary in my living room (that’s where we keep the essential oils). While I placed a drop of Peace & Calming on my heart, the words poured out in rhythm. I am whole. I am pure. I am love.

While I set these words to a heartbeat on the drums, they resonate beautifully with who I am. Isn’t It amazing how quickly we can turn the deepest anxiety into the deepest trust?

Here’s how you can turn the deepest anxiety into the deepest trust:

  1. First of all, take the time to drop Peace & Calming into the center of your hand.
  2. Place Peace & Calming on your heart.
  3. Repeat the mantra over and over in rhythm: I am whole. I am pure. I am love.
  4. Close your eyes and focus on your heartbeat.

And of course, keep relaxing. Be well, xo Kat

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