Cleveland Rocks!

I have a confession. Most (but not all) of the presentation points I made in Cleveland last Friday can be found here at Rhythm For Good via video and written content! Here are some helpful links to supplement what you might’ve seen live in my presentation at the American Music Therapy Association 2010 conference:

1. A Couple of Little Ditties to Get You Started Drumming with Older Adults

2. 12-Bar Blues Improv and Sculpting Trick

3. Drum the Belly Dancing Ayub!

4. The Rainstorm (Yup, every music therapist knows about this one!)

5. Music Therapy at Independent Living Communities? YES!

6. The Mallet Cuff Review

7. Before Walking Into Your First Drumming Session with Older Adults…

8. 11 Reasons Why Drums Work with Older Adults (Oh, and extract some advocacy materials out of this post!)

9. Music Therapy versus Entertainment (…more advocacy materials found here…)

More blogs on music therapy with older adults include:

Music Sparks, JB Music Therapy, Melisma Music, and Embe Music Therapy

The participants in the session were fabulous! *And* the space was standing room only. I was not expecting that kind of attendance, but I was thrilled to present! The more I think about the presentation, the more I realize that some simple education about navigating around Rhythm For Good and all the resources available 24-7 in cyberspace is in order, so I’ll be blogging about that soon, too! I was especially excited that most of the attendees had never seen Rhythm For Good, so I hope that now they can use RFG as a resource in this next year.

More highlights of my conference experience included:

  1. I was a guest on the Music Therapy Round Table, announcing the winner of the boomwhacker contest.
  2. The new Drumify Dances for Older Adults DVD was featured at the Erfurt Music Resource vendor booth. Check out photos here!
  3. There was a super fun Tweet-up (organized by Kim S Moore) with some awesome Twitter friends who I met in person for the first time!
  4. Exciting things are happening for WRAMTA (Western Region AMTA), including our next conference on the Queen Mary in Long Beach!

I had lunches, dinners, and coffees with a lot of good old friends from school, internship, and various other places. But there were so many people with whom I wish I could have spent more time. But that’s what the next conference is for, right? =)

What did you do this weekend? Got some cool conference highlights to share? I’d love to hear it! Throw it down!

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