About Kat

I’m Kat Fulton – hi! I believe that wellness is the key to success. And when you are happy and successful, then you can’t help but make MUSIC! You ARE music – living, eating, breathing, walking, dancing, thinking, feeling music.

So look, I have had some crazy things happen in my life. Scroll around the blog to unveil a few gems. But let me tell you… “success” or “achievement” or whatever you desire in this life doesn’t mean a thing if you ain’t got HEALTH.

How I Got Here

Before I go on, I want you to know my background. I work hard and play hard! I’ve been quoted in major media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and Epoch Times.

I’ve facilitated drum circles for the US Surgeon General, Americans for the Arts, NAMM, Museum of Making Music, Qualcomm, Intuit, and more.

I’m the visionary behind a resource that revolutionized continuing education for the field of music therapy: Music Therapy Ed. I’m humbled by the experts with whom I get to collaborate over there! My team is incredible and the thousands of customers we serve are outstanding leaders in healthcare.

I’ve also coached, studied, and interviewed hundreds of business owners in getting everything they want out of their great work. I ran a successful private practice in San Diego for 11 years.

My trade is music therapy. My life’s work is helping you be well, feel good, and make MUSIC.

This Is Why

I had a very profound healing experience not too long ago after emotional trauma led to uncontrollable physical symptoms – involuntary trembling in the hands and legs, heart palpitations, extreme clamminess, hyperventilating, panic attacks, uncontrollable crying, and cotton mouth.

The biggest scare for me was that after days and weeks passed by and even after the traumatic events were over, my symptoms were not getting better. I’m a high performer, and I’m deeply committed to my higher purpose. So this was very concerning. I was introduced to a guided imagery experience with crystal bowls and essential oils, and my life was changed forever.

As a music therapist, I had experienced GIM (guided imagery and music) with crystal bowls before. However, the profundity of my session in 2016 was unmatched. UNMATCHED. The difference was the use of essential oils. The tangible and aromatic properties of essential oils stayed with me while recovering from the trauma. As my physical symptoms subsided, I continued to use my oils.

Here’s the short story: My guide gave me a small roller bottle to take home with me. She said that whenever I felt the symptoms come on (clammy hands, hyperventilating, heart palpitations, etc), roll the bottle in my hands 3 times, take 3 deep breaths, and allow the presence of the oil to accompany me through the experience of symptoms. After suffering months of symptoms, I healed myself in 2 weeks using this oil. I found out later that the oil blend is specifically formulated to help process through childhood trauma.

Then I learned how to help wean my husband off over-the-counter meds and use essential oils instead. It worked fast. Then I learned how to use EOs to prevent my husband’s head tension that led to migraines. It worked fast. And my discoveries continue to this day.

This is when I discovered that essential oils are not just for making your home smell good… As I researched the properties of essential oils, I discovered so many more uses for them, including enhancing my relationship with my husband, promoting my fertility, relieving muscle soreness, heartburn, and more.

Back to YOU

As I share the oils with my friends and colleagues, I realize again and again… it’s not just me. These oils are POWERFUL! That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing essential oils. That’s why at every conference, I’ll offer you a roll-on of uplifting or relaxing oils. I’ve got plenty of oils AND stories to share!

There’s more than meets your nose when it comes to essential oils. They impact your emotions because of the immediate activation of the limbic system. Your sense of smell is the only sense directly related to the emotional center in your brain.

I’ve been signing my emails “Be well, feel good, and make MUSIC” for years. I’ve always been tuned in to music & healthcare, and the essential oils have taken me to the next level of service…. perfectly aligned with my higher purpose. The more wellness we call in, the better world we create.

Here I am, this high performer, go-getter, unrealistically optimistic, competitive-as-all-get-out gal. For this next chapter in my life, I offer you even more vulnerability, softness, connection, generosity, and kindness. I’d love to start that exchange with you by inviting you into my Care Community.

I can guarantee that you’ll discover something about yourself you never knew before!

By The Way

There is no cost to the readers for all the information provided. However, my team and I run affiliate programs to help cover overhead costs and keep expanding. You can read more about these programs on the disclosure page. You can also read the privacy policy.

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I’m really blessed to have received a ton of gifts over mail: books related to music & health, instruments from around the world, and other very cool items. If you want to send me stuff, here’s my address: Sound Health Music, PO Box 2311, Del Mar, CA 92014.

Be well, feel good, and make MUSIC! =) Kat


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