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The reason I started this blog is to provide a high quality, helpful online resource with clear, concise content to answer questions about music therapy, drumming, and wellness. I am passionate about my work. Music therapy is my very raison d’etre.

Writing for Rhythm For Good provides me a space to share valuable information, easily accessible to the world 24-7. I write the blog as a creative outlet to share my ideas, collaborations, and learning experiences. Also, it saves me time either when I receive and inquiry or when I need to clear up confusion about the allied profession of music therapy. At that point, all I have to do is send a link with the answers to questions I’ve already answered here. I hope others are able to do the same.

With the above in mind and in full disclosure, please assume that for every product or book I recommend, I earn a commission. This blog makes money by a 4-6% variable commission on the sale of any Amazon Affiliate product that the buyer clicks from the site. The blog also earns income through various other affiliate programs. You can assume that if you click a link from this website, then purchase a product or service, I make a commission.

I’d like to reassure you that the commission is *never* added on to the price of the product or service.

All products that I recommend, I personally own, have read and listened to, regularly use, and sincerely do recommend. I recommend all the resources based upon my years of experience as a business owner and board-certified music therapist. And, there are products that I do *not* list on this site because I would *not* recommend them. I’m very picky and only recommend the absolute highest quality CDs, books, products, and services. Period.

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