This post is an addon to the last 9 Crazy Ideas for Playful Spontaneity During the Workday. When’s the last time you performed an air guitar solo in your office? If it’s time for a 17-second work break, here are some ideas you can start with~

1. To the next attractive person you happen to see in the street or the office, look him/her dead in the eye and give a huge grin as if you know a really, really big secret.

2. Send yourself a sweet, tender, loving text message, but don’t read it for a few hours. (Maybe mention something about how awesome/cool/beautiful you are.)

3. Listen to two songs in a row on the radio. During the second song, mashup the first into the second. Sing loud and proud.

4. Play some wicked air guitar for Walk This Way.

5. Take the scenic route back home. I had lunch and coffee, and I wrote out some work notes all at the beach yesterday in Del Mar between sessions. So refreshing!

6. Stop *EVERYTHING* you are doing at your computer, stand up immediately, and do an interpretive dance of Firework by Katy Perry. Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon! 😉

7. Play Simon Says between your fingers and your toes. Whoever wins gets to wear cool-colored winter coverings (mittens or toe-socks).

8. Put on some red red red lipstick and kiss the mirror in the office bathroom. (Make sure it’s clean first.)

9. Think about someone in your life who is experiencing a challenge or pain. Lip sync and choreograph Just the Way You Are, and deeply dedicate to your friend, just like Matty B did here for his sister:

Got anything to add? Knock, knock- Can playfulness come out to play?

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