Sometimes my eyeballs get stuck on the computer screen.

Sometimes I find myself doing the same daily routine, and I need a change.

This week I found bits of time during the day to give my left brain a break, clear my mind, gain new perspective, exercise my imagination, and return to work refreshed.

Here’s how I’ve made music, art, and dance this week between sessions, blogging, and working in my office.

  1. Make your fingers dance on the desk. Do a fun jig or line dance, then modulate into a sensual tango. The best part is that there are TEN of them instead of only TWO!
  2. Make music with your car. Listen to the tone of your car starting. Yes, the bonnnng, bonnnng, bonnnng. Match the pitch or sing different tones with it. Turn your car off and on and off and on until your improvisation feels complete.
  3. Put in a little skip or click your heels next time you walk to your car. Twirl around. Immediate mood enhancer.
  4. Doodle using pen/paper or the computer. The  Scribbler is one of my bookmarks. (Thanks for the tip from  Victoria Torf.)
  5. Sculpt out a brilliant masterpiece in the air. Use your masterful carving skills to create anything you’d like. Then give yourself applause following the formal installation on your desk. (Thanks for the tip from Draza Jansky.)
  6. Tap your fork onto the glass and plate at lunch. Notice the difference, then create a fun beat with your other hand patting the table.
  7. Boogie in your car. Enough said.
  8. Wink at yourself. Next time you see yourself walking next to a reflective wall on a building, wink and sway your hips dramatically.
  9. Shake off your day before bed. Shake your whole body from head to toe and everything in between. Shake fast, but move the focus of your shaking around your body slowly. (Thanks for the tip from Draza Jansky.)

Sometimes my thoughts lean towards “Oh you don’t have time right now” or “Save the fun creative stuff for after hours.” But then I remember that I’m actually more productive when I throw in spontaneity for a minute here and there.

How do you clear your mind during the day?

Image above courtesy of Francesco Marino.

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