I have updates! =) First of all, today was *amazing* and yesterday was just as sweet. So was the day before. Who am I kidding. I’m feeling very blessed.

Life is good.

(1) Here’s what happened in my little Twitterverse today:

Ben Folds Music Therapy

That’s Ben Folds’ dirty thumb holding my guitar pick TODAY that he kept from two years ago when he had dinner with a few of us in Atlanta at #AMTA11. At that time, I wrote about 5 Bolds Statements About AMTA (our national conference that 1,200 music therapists attend every year). I’m still quite proud of #3. Can’t believe I had the guts to write that.

Apparently, my guitar pick got lost in Ben Folds junkitty junk around his house, and then he decided to tweet about it – if only I could be a little germ on that pick.

If I had known way back in high school that some day Ben Folds would be holding MY guitar pick in his hands and tweeting about it, I would’ve taken more risks.

I remember when his first album came out with the first hit: Underground. My little brother and I would turn the volume ALL the way up and jump around the house when my mom and dad weren’t home (sorry mom and dad). I could SO relate to the lyrics, making fun of the trends and the cool people, not fitting in, etc, etc. I absolutely despised my time spent in high school, so any little break away into an imaginary world through a song would help me through.

But Ben’s songs especially touched me. I went to *every* single concert he played in Atlanta. I remember standing in the audience watching his grand finale as he climbed up three stories at Variety Playhouse and threw his piano bench on top of the piano for the last notes. It was pretty cool.

If only I had known that Ben was just a regular guy =) I would’ve been bolder. I would’ve spoken even more of my values and beliefs out loud from a mountaintop. From the get-go.

So, I’m glad this little Twitter event has helped me become even more of myself today =) and realize that this is IT. This is my alive-time, and my chance to go out there and speak my mind, be myself, regardless of the consequences, regardless of what people say or how they react… What’s important is to be ME, and make myself a life-long study, and not hold back. I spent several years of my life being polite, quiet, and too embarrassed to speak… sooooo quiet that I developed a lump in my throat and recurring laryngitis. No more, my friend.

If Ben Folds can go out, be his loving, generous, talented BOLD self, and express himself as he sees fit, then so can I =) Thanks for the inspiration, Ben.

Crazy! (2) The next piece of news is that I’m getting married. It’s all very exciting and cool. Matt is the most amazingly supportive, generous, kindest guy I have ever met, and I’m so lucky!

(3) Then the third piece of news is about something new we’re going to publish here on the blog. Pay attention in the upcoming weeks. And if you’re not on the email list, then jump on it NOW (scroll UP and enter you name and email to the right!) especially if you’d like to check out a new, free video training we are releasing in the upcoming weeks. If you have socks on now, then beware. They will be totally knocked off when you see our first video! But you’ll only get it if you’re on the email list.

(4) I’ve been invited to do two retreats this fall. I’m a thrilled to fly up to Utah to facilitate drum circles for the NAMM Foundation in two weeks. Also, I’ll be trekking up to UCLA to serve nurses in a restorative, rejuvenating retreat in October. I’m bouncing off the walls, so excited to facilitate these events!

(5) Lastly, click “Play” to see dozens of videos that feature drumming ideas and chants! I’ve never actually embedded an entire youtube playlist until now, and boy, is this handy! Just scroll around and click on “Playlist” when you’d like to switch vids.

After sharing all this, I’d love to know… Tell me something that I can CELEBRATE about YOU!! Be open, flaunt it, brag a little — Don’t be shy! It’s such a great exercise to write out something about yourself that you are proud of, something through which we can all feel JOY about YOU — Spill the beans! =) At least one little thing….

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