Rhythm For Good is approaching the first year anniversary, and wow, what a ride it’s been! I’m very thankful for the collaborations and community that have played such a huge role in making this site possible. Here is the month-to-month play-by-play of more popular posts: (Click on each month to see ALL posts.)

1. January: I dipped my feet into the blog-o-sphere with the intention of contributing positively to the web presence of music therapy. I didn’t know exactly what I was in for, but I gave blogging a try with my first video and post on NICU music therapy. I also shared a New Year’s Ritual with Older Adults.

2. February: The blog started to take shape as I continued to run some posts on corporate drumming, my first video on drumming with older adults, and one of the most popular posts: 46 Hospitals Around the World that Provide NICU Music Therapy.

3. March: I ran the difference between Drum Circle Facilitation and Music Therapy (circulated online by many, including Rusted Roots’ former drummer Jim Donovan). I continued on the NICU Music Therapy rampage with posts such as the RN Interview. Also, I posted my first book review of Bella’s Blessings by Tim Ringgold. Read his incredible story if you get a chance!

4. April: I posted the Twitter-isms #youknowyoureamusictherapistwhen. The Older Adults Drumming the Blues video became popular. Also, I wrote about how I use the voice in wellness sessions.

5. May: I think the Black-Eyed Peas on Boomwhackers takes the cake for this month (with >3,700 views on YouTube!), but I also started the Music-Making MythBusters series to debunk all those silly ideas about how one may or may not have rhythm, etc. 9 Tips for Drum Circle with Kids with Special Needs also came about in May.

6. June: The name of the site changed to Rhythm For Good this month! I published an article in the Therapy Times on NICU Music Therapy interventions, and one of my colleagues used the Black Eyed Peas arrangement in Scotland.

7. July: This month, I introduced Lady Gaga to Boomwhackers, mashed up Opera with a Traditional Middle Eastern Rhythm, compared music therapy to entertainment, and participated in a Drum Call with Christine Stevens.

8. August: I was honored to be a guest on Janice Harris’s Music Therapy Show to share my 8 Tips for Self-Care while Serving a Client. The last of the MythBusters series arrived: It’s too late in life to make music. I shared a few secrets on marketing your music therapy or drum circle business. Plus, there are at least 11 Reasons Why Drums Work for Older Adults.

9. September: I was so excited to introduce my first guest blogger Bill Matney, who wrote on Music Therapy and Drumming: How to Begin a Musical Relationship.

10. October: I reviewed the mallet cuff adaptive accessory for use in drumming sessions, and I introduced my second guest blogger Dave Holland, who wrote on 3 Facets of Interactive Rhythm Making.

11. November: I explained why I’m thankful and humbled to work with older adults. AND I released my first product ever! You can read the story behind the Drumify DVD, or check out the details of the DVD contents.

12. December: This month has whirled by! I shared the winning video of the boomwhacker contest I ran in November: I Wanna Hippo For Christmas on Boomwhackers!

2010 may be tough to top in 2011, but I’m really looking forward to what the future has in store for online music therapy presence. Check out my Good Reads for other awesome blogs.

Honestly, I don’t set “goals” or “resolutions” for New Years, but rather general intentions that I’m going to attract and express in the New Year. So, here it is for me: Ease and Kindness. Bring it on, 2011! Ease and Kindness in my world. Writing for this blog already has brought great Ease and Kindness into my life, and I’m grateful for that. Thanks for reading and being part of my community!

Best wishes and love for the New Year! Cheers, Kat

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